How to Do a Competitive Analysis In Four Easy Steps.

Competition Analysis of Website
Competitor Analysis and its Branches

Definition of Competitive Analysis

By definition we can tell Competitive Analysis strategy is to check the competition in the similar business so as to analyze the weakness and strengths of the potential rivals in respect to the sole company. This information finally is useful for betterment of the features and efforts to improve the company. We extract certain information and then implement new idea to move a step ahead in market. The information gathered should be very comprehensive and it should cover all the important aspects of market.

Competitive Analysis is can be a game changer as it plays critical role in marketing. It makes an attractive tool to target the audience showing what is unique about the company among such a huge market.

Answer these first

Before starting the procedure, it is important to understand few questions and how to tackle these questions.

  • Who all are the competitors?
  • The products or services do they provide.
  • Their market shares.
  • Their past mistakes.
  • Competitors’ current strategies.
  • Media types they use to market their services.
  • What time limit do they offer to deliver their services?
  • Things they excel in and what weaknesses do they possess.
  • The special threats the competitor pose which is not part of included in your business.
  • What opportunities can you take out?

Hands-on Competitive Analysis

Take a paper and write down the following as per the hierarchy, on the bottom right side of the paper, write the products name that you produce or provide, that is in competition with others. For this one can write the thing that the customer will buy from others if they are not buying from you. On the top write the main features of the product or services. Here you can write Prize, size, marketing strategy and target market. Write the left side of paper with list of buyers and services, website, phone numbers and other features. These all finally makes a grid to tell where you belong in the entire market.

There are still things that should be avoided which most of the businessmen don’t think about and end up losing the competition.

Not considering all the companies:

First thing first, never underestimate any competition, big or small, everyone in the related field is a competition. It can be due to insufficient knowledge, experience and lack of time too. It can make blockages in making a dynamic analysis and structural changes of businesses.

Not thorough with the word competitive analysis:

If the entrepreneur is worrying about just one or two products they produce for the competition, then they are worrying about just one perspective part of the market. For building an awakening business, we analyse the market in a broader range to build an visionary concept.It lets them to know competition better with cost and technologies that can also be used in their business improvement.

Unaware of the customers’ requirement:

It is important to know what the customer needs and it can be done through competition analysis. The important thing to know is how customer and users thinks about the company. It helps bettering the company by understanding the factors, strategies and decisions. It sometimes makes overestimating the customer and investing too much in product than required.

Not considering a substitute offer:

Often companies consider substitutes as competition, although they are not. Moreover, an analysis of company providing a demand with various development strategies is also possible, it is how one perceives it. It is about being specific about just self-producing strategy or considering various technologies to build product fast.

All of the companies who believe in competitive analysis strategy are benefiting with the concept. Competition is good for progress in any business and people will continue rely on old boring things forever. Competition analysis can be considered single handed working or allocate to experienced company who is in the business.

Social Media Marketing- How to effectively Post?

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Over years of workmanship on social media marketing, freelancers have evolved with a high rate working day and night on projects publicizing brands and products on social media. And if observed properly, all pursue different style of publishing the content. Successful entrepreneurs avoid putting stress on publishing posts each day, customers sense a feel of desperation for sales from the entrepreneur. Eventually this may result in reduced customer following and marketing of product. But does it mean one should not put up advertisements on regular basis, in fact the mentioned entrepreneur believe in posting their stuffs on regular interval of time, Monthly or Weekly.

Regular Posts Good or Bad?

It involves utilizing the social media as the e-Commerce site. Casting a product or article to establish public relation is an art. This can subsequently draw recognition in the market. This art can be achieved appropriately with focused learning and experience. This can be through posting regularly on relevant topics to showcase the skill set to the world. Thus making yourself so skilled that if anyone ever has a work, she/he must get a thought about you. These regular posts can be something funny or trending or many a times off topic also makes you easily bond with making relevance to the consumer or client. But always should be in a place where the customer knows about skills and professional work the marketer is into.

Intensity of Social Media Postings

Talking about regular posts, what does it mean to be regular on social media? Posting stuffs on social sites like twitter and Instagram needs to be twice or thrice a day, as people are looking through the news feeds on these sites more regularly. Facebook is among tops advertiser site but has lost its priority as it used to be in 2018. The generation spends most of the day on reading stories on Instagram and Youtube; Considering a regular meme page, posting once or twice a day, but the page is continuously been followed for years. It is upto the marketer to find correct times to post the content so maximum people goes through the Advertisement.

Finally, it is not a good idea to post same things again and again in same day. Desperation is bad thing to showcase about your style of working to the customer. Providing a relevant and informative content to your followers will make you a better marketer.

Track your post:

Tracking Social Media Posting
Tracking Social Media Posts

What Works

An entrepreneur should always be aware of the post and the stats of the adverts he/she is posting. It is very much necessary to analyze what is working and what didn’t catch up the consumers’ requirements. Tools like Google Analytics can be a great tool to track such analysis. The analysis should be on month basis or every week. This analysis will compare the post or campaign as it can take long time for a specific post to rank. This is good for blogs and website services also.

Tracking of traffic of visiting the website and posts can be a tricky but important process. Since sales is the final output everyone aspires for being in a business. Social media is a funnel one needs to pour out the potential customer out of the millions.


Companies like GPC Softwares offer a great strategy to the businessman, trying to showcase their online presence and build a great audience highly viable to convert into customer. Social media is more of providing an opportunity rather than building a customer. Focus on building great content and meet the opportunity.

Making an Android App Development Secure

Android App Development, Securing the App
Android App Development

Introduction to Android App Development

In the early introduction to Android App Development, The world was very prone to digital robbery as it was before as the digitization of money has taken over the country and mobile wallets are the new trend. People have stopped carrying cash in hand rather they use the various application like Paytm, Phone Pay, Google wallet, BHIM App and many such Android Apps developed under a strict interface to protect their money. But a person trusts these apps and giving away their account information.

Then there are apps which keep the personal information of the user starting from photos to the high-grade business details too. Mobile Apps have become more than personal assistance. There are so many usages of mobile apps we carry in our small supercomputer in our pockets. But how to actually execute these? There are some programmer, who are applying their skills in making a secure app. All this to keep the end user a satisfied..

According to stats, 65% of data that are on mobile are encrypted. This data which are actually protected while the other 35% is not secure and highly available for threats. Even though the applications provide a secure framework and codes there are increments in attacks. This led to many companies do regular safety checks on user data to keep it secure. How do they do it?

Securing Android App
Securing Android App

How to Secure Apps:

We will discuss the security features that help in securing the App from potential threats.

  • Secure Native Code: The use of the Android software development kit (SDK) is preferable over Android Nexperia development kit (NDK). As during the integration the native code takes data online, which can contain files these, may not be secure.
  • Multi-level authentication: Session management and information erase on system disconnection are two major tools for this. Assurance of the app carried out by using advanced authentication mechanisms and authorized application.
  • Data Encryption: It is a system to secure data in a single device. It ensures data transit among the developer and application code. Encryption is the most secure way of saving data from hackers.
  • Securing the Server: Servers are the most vulnerable thing to hackers by attacking the API of the server. A firewall addition may help in securing the API or reviewing the code also.
  • Saving the Network data: Using a proactive defense mechanism to secure the transit data is very important. A Non-compliant devices authorization is incorporated to access corporate data.
  • Detecting Tampered Code: Playing an anti-tampered check before integration of code is important. It includes sign verification, checking virus and various logs.
  • Client Data Securing: Employ a storage system to store client’s data. If Developer save data in server, it can save any data leak on losing the device.
  • Regular Updates & Testing: Old Apps are usually not updated for more than a quarter of year are liable to leak data. Hackers look for such apps to crack the code and extract the data. Regular updates can lead to breaking the code and reconstructing to make it impossible for hackers to get it cracked.

What else:

As per the requirement, the developer needs to consult the client about the development, so that developers create trust in the client regarding the app. A Developers should continuously update of services, so as to stay updated about the security reports and new technologies. Many businesses develop their applications to meet the needs of their client, GPC Softwares makes an attempt to Android Apps development without any loopholes in the program and make highly secure apps for clients.

Digital Marketing : A tool to generate leads

Digital Marketing, Social Marketing
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Means:

As we Know Digital Marketing is changing the world with a boom since last couple of years. A solid Digital marketing strategy can change the presentation of the company to the customers. But the question arises is, How? How to grasp the required amount of attention in the market and show presence? Looking at the era of 2019, we are into more specific and powerful technological level.

Everything is going smart and so should our marketing too. A good business is defined by the right strategy, which eventually increases the sales, customers, and Long Term Growth which is the final aspiration.

The World is Changing:

In the era of online marketing, traditional marketing strategy actually annoys and pisses off the customers. The numbers of banners are reduced because unless it is size of a planet, chances are the most that the banners will be ignored. Customers even ignore TV ads and newspaper ads most often.

On the other hand banner ads on internet are also not used much because it is expected to be fake and untrustworthy. It now comes on the shoulders of the digital marketer that it gets the job done and keeps upto the trend.

Tips to enhance Social Marketing

Few tips to build a working marketing plan.

Giving a priority to the customer need:

Every member in the team is busy developing and building the web presence and services; it is upon the CMO to successfully market the needs of customer. Working on Small improvements on efficiency in conversion rates, email capture, and re-targeting can pay huge returns on investment.

Regular Audits and properly updating the SEO Services:

Does all the sharing of product reaches the desired number of customer. Search engine optimization is ways which can significantly help branding by reaching the number of people gets what’s the company offers. Many experts recommend updating SEO once in a trimester every year, as Google get its algorithm update delivery month. A good marketer should depend on finding the keywords that makes business gain or lose interaction in the search engine. In order to make a brand more discover able and visible as much as possible.

Use Blogging as the Master Key:

Posting a relevant and valuable content makes the traffic bend to website. More often, simultaneously increasing ranking in search engines. It is a fact that marketer’s blogging more are more likely to experience positive return on investment. And the companies too get similar results. Every post explains the indexed page on the website, making it more likely for customers to find the company on surfing online. Blogging also helps in branding of company, Influencing customers tend to buy from authentic brand rather than generic.

Hosting Webinars and Events:

Engaging an audience base through webinars, podcasts, and online promotion of live events to engage audience. To flow the process of promoting the event, using a third party to make the process seamless can be a good idea. By taking external help for the event will influence the details; so focusing on providing a big picture and creating an experience for customers is good idea for the marketer.

Using social Media to the most:

Social media is another big thing & best tools for marketing any brand. Analyzing out which platforms the audience uses the most, targeting a post timings to get the best output and the dates to share. Engaging with the audience through social media by building conversations. Responding to queries, both praise and grievances is a best use of social platform. More than half of the customers use social media for customer service. Inquiries ensuring to become part narrative can direct a positive outcome.

Build a dynamic marketing:

Building a marketing strategy to reach all devices even if desktop version of your marketing is great. Cohesion with Consumers across platforms gives better accessibility and business.


An authenticity reigns leading from these strategies can be very beneficial for the company. Once the company builds that, an online presence is assured for connecting with audience in ways which were previously unknown to build a brand that they’ll continuously want to engage with. GPC Softwares have a team which eventually inherits these qualities by experience and continuous learning through works. Any project is important and every customer is god.

IOS App Development

IOS App Development- A level Up from the mainstream Developments

How often do we get to see an iOS App Developed for our Apple Phones and Watches or may be on Mac Book? Frankly speaking, it is largely used by many all across the world, but why? What is so special about the development? All these questions were answered in 2009, when iOS was made available for the general public to experience a change from theApple Company. We have seen many innovations since then and many are about come. How the developers work and put up their own app can be worked upon in the following details.

Definition iOS App Development:

The iOS is mobile Operating System being developed in Apple Industries, originally named as iPhone OS, which eventually works on iPhone, iPod and iPad. It is developed to work on touch input more than that of a keyboard or mouse input system, and designed simpler and easier for usages by general public. It uses graphical interface for its operating system, and contains app downloaded from iOS App store and started supporting multi-tasking. With every update it started giving new and improvised feature, like iOS 5 gave a very new Voice assistant called Siri which responds on command.

Designing of iOS App

An iOS Developer is responsible for developing application, devices powered by Apple operating system. Programming of the iOS App can be through Objective-C or Swift or build cross-platform native applications using React Native (JavaScript) or Xamarin (C# & F#).. Developers need to understand the pattern and practices that involve in iOS App Development Platforms.

How to launch an App:

Through iOS Developer Program developers can upload their app fee-based though. The subscription ranges from USD 99 to USD 299. It allows them to publish apps for various devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) based on the device compatibility. Lastly, after the subscription the subscribers get access to post apps on mac, iOS and WatchOS (for Apple Watch) too.

Role Of Xcode:

Various Softwares are required running on the latest version of system of Xcode (Apple’s free Interactive Development Environment) developers get to create their own Mac OS or iOS App for MacBook or iPhone respectively.  However, Xcode is a graphical tool that is used to write the interface, including iOS SDK, Tools, Compiler and Frameworks used to design and develop the iOS App; Writing Code and debugging the app for iOS. IOS uses the latest mobile app development which is the modern swift programming language.

IOS Software Development Kit       

The IOS SDK is a set of tools, technologies, language and capabilities included which in-turn helps in iOS App development possible. Many different types of SDK are available to design various types of product on iOS like Gaming kit, Foundation Kit, Map Kit and UI kit. These frameworks allow the developers to manipulate the library to build their own app.

Processing of Building iOS App

The Process of building an iOS App is simple for a good programmer as they are familiar with the tools, it includes, launching Xcode New Project, coding and running the iOS Simulator App included in Xcode which provides the interaction of Code with the hardware and commands to check for compatibility. Once the App is built, It needs to go through various testing phase like XCTest, Beta Testing and Cloud Testing. Beta testing is used to see the amount of people coming to the website or App and advertising it more to attract more customers. A beta build app is uploaded directly if needed to directly test the app using different apps which are used in iOS framework to check for cloud and comparing it to former build app. Cloud Testing refers to checking the app on real devices, with different operating systems and modifications required by customers. Testing gives the accurate understanding of how the users feel about the app.

Deploying an iOS App

Deploying is the last step for the iOS App Development so they are into the market to be used by the consumer. It is followed by the feedback and deployment of changes in the apps. GPC Softwares is an already registered subscriber which can make it easier for us to build and post any iOS App for any device like Mac, iOS and WatchOS company all across the world. We have mastered the rate deploying an iOS App in the App store since we build and put in a very agile and systemized way.

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